How Your Garage Door Can Boost Your Property Value

3October 2020

When it comes to selling a home, few homeowners think about the important role their garage door plays in drawing potential buyers in and boosting the overall value of their house. The right garage door can increase the value of a home.

Curb Appeal

How does a garage door boost a home’s value? The first way is through curb appeal. Many home buyers base their first decision about a house on how its exterior looks. By having a garage door that complements the home’s color scheme or enhances the overall look of the house, will attract buyers to take the next step of looking inside the house.

Energy Savings

The second way a garage door increases a home’s value is the energy savings it provides. Having an insulated garage door will not only increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell, it will also decrease your energy costs now. For garages that are attached to the house, an insulated garage door will keep outside air out of your home and maintain temperature inside the garage.

Safety and Security

Finally, the third and perhaps most important way that the garage door increases the value of a home is the safety and security that it provides. Garage doors with remote openers contain sensing photo eyes that prevent the door from shutting when anything is in its path.