Donaldsonville, LA

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About Donaldsonville

Donaldsonville is known for both its fine food and for its political significance. It served as the state capital in 1830. Although the capital of Louisiana ultimately moved to Baton Rouge, Donaldsonville has maintained the quiet, small-town appeal that first inspired Louisiana legislators to move there.

Living in Donaldsonville

Donaldsonville has a population of almost 8,000 and is an affordable place to live with the median home value of about $105,000. Learn more about living in Donaldsonville by checking out this site.

Donaldsonville Zip Codes: 70346

Things to do in Donaldsonville

While visiting Donaldsonville, be sure to check out the River Road African American Museum, which educates visitors about the history and culture of African Americans in the rural communities of South Louisiana. Another interesting place to visit is St. Emma Plantation. St. Emma and nearby Palo Alto Plantation were the scenes of a Civil War confrontation in 1862 during which 465 Union soldiers were killed. You can read more about St. Emma Plantation here.

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