Using Your Garage For Storage? What You Should Never Store in Your Garage

19July 2021

Due to the space available, the garage is often the place where items that are not used often are stored. While this can be a great way to use the extra space, there are somethings that should never be stored in the garage due to fire hazard, moisture/temperature fluctuations or the possibility of attracting rodents.

Fire Hazard Materials

Gasoline, Propane, or Other Combustibles – These should always be stored outside. Storing them in the garage will pose a great of a risk to your home.

Moisture/Temperature Fluctuations

Items that can be harmed or destroyed by moisture or the temperature fluctuations of Louisiana should not be stored in the garage. These include: left over paint that can separate or thicken due to temperature changes, paper documents, photographs, unused electronics and wooden furniture.

Items That Attract Rodents

Items that attract rodents shouldn’t be stored in the garage. These include: Firewood, clothing/fabric and paper documents.

You can learn more about cleaning out your garage in this post. Just take care to store only items that are not a fire hazard, not easily damaged by temperature fluctuations and not rodent friendly when storing items in your garage.