Yearly Garage Door Maintenance

12March 2022

The garage door is often ignored because it just works. Yet, in order to keep it working, it is important to make sure it is maintained. Routine upkeep for the garage door is essential if you want it to continue to run properly for many years. Below are a few reasons why annual maintenance should be scheduled.

Deterioration Over Time
Degrading components can be discovered with routine inspection. Over time, erosion and corrosion can impact the capability of your garage door. When things become worse, the door may not operate quickly or it might even quit working altogether. Inspect your garage door weekly or monthly, to catch potential problems.

Cost Benefit
A lot of garage door parts, including joints, coil springtimes and braces have a short life-span. In time these part will need to be replaced.  Replacing these parts before they brake will be a less costly process than opting for the total installation of a brand-new garage door. In short, small fixes and repairs will increase the life-span of your garage door.

Ensure Everything is in Working Area
Regular maintenance will ensure that your garage door is always in working order, and it will reduce the possibility of being stuck with a broken garage door or garage door opener at what is always the worst possible time. Regular upkeep will guarantee you peace of mind that your home is protected.

Call Professional Help
Make certain your garage door is operating properly by calling Chad’s Garage Doors at 225-281-6346  to schedule a check up.