Your Garage Door In the Winter

6December 2021

Most people never give it a thought, but winter is the hardest season on garage doors. This post will go over what you should know about your garage door during the winter months.

Know Where The Garage Door’s Emergency Release Is
The most vital thing is to know is where the emergency release is and how to use it. Another alternative is to have a battery back-up garage door opener installed.

In case of an emergency, everyone should know how the emergency release works — and the best time to know is before it is needed.  Homeowners also need to make sure that they know how to disengage and reengage the driver. See the video below on how to do this.

Inspect The Emergency Release Cable
Often when a driver is 10-15 years old the emergency release cable will stick. You do not want to have an emergency situation and try to pull the cord and find that it breaks off in your hand. It is good to examine a few times a year to make sure it is effectively affixed and in good condition.

Check For Things Not Running Correctly
At any time of the year this is true, yet especially in the winter months you’ll want to listen for noises and signs of things not running as normal. This is due to the fact that winter season is when things have a tendency to break on the garage door. Any kind of noise or speed change can be an indication that the garage door requires service.  If anything seems off, give us a call at 225-281-6346 to come out and inspect the situation.

Check For Ice
In an ice storm or even a regular snowfall garage doors can freeze to the ground. The garage door can be damaged if it is opened while frozen to the ground. If it has snowed in your area and the garage door is not opening, do not attempt and force it. Very first check that it is not frozen closed. If it is, warm water can be poured on the exterior to unfreeze and then the garage door should open. If forced open, the bottom area of the door can be damaged. It can also harm the motor if it has to work hard to open when frozen.