The Best Way to Clean Out Your Garage

11April 2021

Cleaning out the garage can seem like a daunting task — so much so that it might have been awhile since you have done it last. If it is time to clean out the garage again, check out the tips below to make this task easier and more efficient.

Tip 1: Make a List of Everything that Needs to Be Fixed
This is a great time to make sure that the garage door is running smoothly. Check out the post regarding garage door maintenance. Normal regular maintenance can keep it running smoothly. In the long run, this will save on repairs, as well as assist in finding potential problems before they become more serious.

Tip 2: Separate Items into 3 Piles– Keep, Give Away, Trash
Next, start by arranging everything that is in your garage. Place the items into 3 piles: Keep, Give Away and Trash. If the item is still of use and you are actually still using it, place it in the Keep area.

Be truthful regarding what you want to keep. Are you going to use it in the next 6 months to a year? A lot of us hold onto things out of the fear we’ll need it someday– only to realize sometime much later that we never used it all.

If the item is in good shape but you do not believe you will use it again, consider giving it to someone who could use it, rather than to hold on to it. Place those items in the Give Away pile. And finally, any item that is not useable and is truly trash, place in the trash pile.

Tip 3: Use the Walls
Garage walls are the perfect organizational spot. Install shelving, hooks, as well as other storage space strategies to improve the storage space in your garage. Set up pegboards along the walls where you can hang tools so that the can be accessed easily.

Tip 4: Clean. Really Clean.
Take the time to clean the floor. Cat litter can remove oil stains on the floor. Let it soak up the stain, then sweep the floor and wash the floor well. Dust and clean everything.

Once the garage is clean, place everything from the Keep pile back into place. Hopefully, you will find much more room now having given away and thrown away some of what was in the garage prior.

Tip 5: Call Us to Evaluate Your Garage Door
Garage doors need to be checked on a yearly basis to make sure they are running properly. This would be a great time to call us to schedule a routine checkup. You can do so at 225-281-6346.


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